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Third Project Co-ordination Meeting – Vietnam 17-19 Nov 2009

I recently returned from Vietnam where we held our 3rd co-ordination meeting for the project. As we are now entering the final year of the project one of the emphases was on developing our strategy for communicating findings to relevant audiences. We also thought quite a bit about “scaling out” of successful innovation and the institutional mechanisms required to achieve that.

 The objectives of the current meeting were to: 

  • Understand progress and lessons from research conducted to date in each location
  • Consider variation across the study countries and sites and identify the main issues limiting fodder innovation in different contexts
  • Share experiences on ways of assessing feed scarcity and designing interventions that fit into the system. Discuss progress on feed assessment methods
  • Share experiences on how actors have been engaged in the fodder/livestock development process in the three study countries and draw out some lessons on best practice principles for developing multi-stakeholder alliances.
  • Discuss plans for 2010 activities.
  • Find out what DFID-FIP project has been doing and talk about mechanisms for drawing joint lessons.
  • Develop ideas for project outputs including an end of project symposium (possibly jointly with FIP?)
  • Agree next steps and time frame

The meeting report is here:

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