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Forage seed training in Alamata

Forage seed supply is often raised as a key constraint to introduction of high quality forage in the smallholder systems we work in in Ethiopia. There is limited tradition of growing planted fodder and knowledge around the area of seed production and storage is rather limited. We recently organized and ran a short course on forage seed production and storage in one of our field sites at Alamata in the north of Ethiopia. The course was run by forage expert Abate Tedla. Providing these technical courses has a couple of benefits:

– it provides knowledge in response to the demands of local livestock development experts that they can pass on to farmers
– it also represents a tangible technical input that our project can make and this builds our social capital and credibility in the local stakeholder forum. Our main strategy is to build local innovation capacity but it helps when we are seen to be providing some concrete knowledge and expertise and this helps maintain the momentum of the stakeholder forum.

The report of the training is here:

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