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Final meeting of the Fodder Adoption Project in November 2010

The Fodder Adoption Project is drawing to a close at the end of 2010. Next week (15-19 Nov, 2010) we will hold our final co-ordination meeting in Laos PDR to review research findings and draw out some lessons. Some 30 participants from around the world will participate. As well as reviewing FAP we have also arranged a mini-symposium on “Feed in Smallholder Systems” where we will consider livestock feeding issues in smallholder systems and what some of the constraints are to enhancing feed availability, market orientation and livelihoods among poor livestock keepers.

Details of the programme are here: Laos meeting programme

We will be using the blog to report on what is discussed at the meeting including posting of presentations, video clips and reflections from participants. Please feel free to comment on any postings so that your views can also be added to the mix. We will keep posting on this blog beyond the end of FAP on issues related to feed in smallholder systems.

Watch this space…

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