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Ethiopian Fodder Roundtable considers promising feed technologies for the dairy sector

The Ethiopian Fodder Roundtable has been a useful forum for sharing ideas around feed development for livestock in Ethiopia. In late January we met to discuss a study commissioned by SNV Ethiopia which identified some promising feeding practices and technologies for dairy production in Ethiopia. Solomon Mogus set the scene with a presentation giving highlights of his assessment of current feeding practices and some suggestions for change. We then broke into groups to consider each suggestion asking ourselves two questions:

–          What are the expected benefits in terms of milk yield, saved labour etc?

–          What are the most limiting constraints to their adoption?

We had some very fruitful discussions on the pros and cons of the various technologies and practices proposed. There is more work to be done in assessing the economics of some of the proposed technologies.

SNV developed a leaflet summarising the recommendations; we will revise the leaflet based on the working group discussions.

The presentation is here:

In this video, Alan Duncan of ILRI and Jürgen Greiling of SNV Ethiopia reflect on the meeting:

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