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Selecting appropriate feed technologies to support livestock intensification in Uttarakhand, India

An approach to select locally appropriate feed technologies to support livestock intensification – Uttarakhand, India (ILRI/Alan Duncan)

In Uttarakhand, feed is one of the most limiting constraints to livestock intensification. Although many nutritional technologies are available to improve the quantity and quality of feed and fodder, or to plug seasonal shortages, farmers seldom use these new interventions because, for instance, women who rear animals are already fully loaded with existing domestic and agricultural work, farmers lack access to credit for feed-based investments, or farmers are uncertain which technologies are most appropriate to them.

A research brief by V. Padmakumar, Alan J. Duncan and Keith R. Sones describe a systematic approach to help select feed technologies and interven­tions based on careful assess­ment of technical, institutional, social and economic param­eters.

Download the brief

This is one of seven briefs from the Enhancing Livelihoods through Livestock Knowledge Systems partnership program in India. It sets out an impact narrative for different interventions, showing how project activities are translating research outputs to development outcomes.

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