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Impact of feed technologies on livestock production in India: Poster summaries from four studies

The livestock sector in India plays an important role in sustaining the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, especially the rural poor. Dairying is particularly important for these farmers because they rely on milk for nutrition and to supplement household income. However, the livestock sector in India faces many challenges related to access to high-quality livestock feeds and markets for dairy and livestock products.

The posters below, prepared for the Tropentag 2014 conference, highlight livestock feeds and milk marketing challenges in India and research evidence of ways they could be addressed based on studies by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and partners.

The first poster presents experimental results from Odisha State on the impact of straw chopping in combination with feeding mineral mixture on milk productivity in livestock.



The second poster presents findings from a study of the effects of balanced concentrate feed on livestock productivity in Samastipur and Muzaffarpur districts of Bihar State, in comparison to existing feeding practices.


The third poster presents results from an analysis of the adoption and the impact of livestock feed technology that used locally available components and that were nutritionally superior to the commercial concentrates available in local markets.


The fourth poster presents information from a study of the effectiveness of milk markets in Odisha state,  which examined among other topics, feed markets, milk production and market channels.


Last week, ILRI staff participated in the Tropentag 2014 International Conference in Prague (17-19 September 2014). See all the posters and presentations.

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