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MilkIT: Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India through feed innovation

The MilkIT (enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed innovation) project comes to an end in December 2014.

The overall goal of the project was to contribute to improved dairy-derived livelihoods in India and Tanzania via intensification of smallholder production focusing on enhancement of feeds and feeding using innovation and value chain approaches.

From 9-11 December, project participants met in Tanzania to document lessons and results, holding an outreach workshop on the 11th in Dar es Salaam to bring the key insights to different stakeholders and partners. We expect to share some of these lessons on this web site.

The project team in India recently produced a video documenting some of the project’s experiences, zooming in on innovation platforms, womens’ empowerment, and enhanced forage availability.

Watch the video:



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