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Dairy development in Tanzania with local innovation platforms: When and how can they be useful?

Farmers and livestock keepers in Tanzania face a range of problems, including feed shortages, land tenure issues,animal health and milk and meat marketing. Most dairy producers find it hard to obtain feed in sufficient quantity and quality to improve their milk production.

The main feed constituents in all production systems (mixed crop-livestock, agro-pastoralist and pastoralist) are natural grasses and herbs, either grazed or collected. But these plants are low in productivity, digestibility and protein content. Especially in the dry season, producers have to cover long distances in search for forage, and milk production levels drop steeply. Producers also lack markets to sell milk and meat, especially in rural areas where direct sales to neighbours is the most common marketing channel.

This brief seeks to answer what role can local innovation platforms play in helping Tanzania dairy producers solve these problems? Under what conditions are they useful, and what are the factors for success? Do we need innovation platforms at the village level, or can we work with producer groups?

It suggests some answers based on experiences from MilkIT, a project that aimed to improve the feeding ofdairy cattle in Tanzania.

Download the brief:  Paul, B.K., Maass, B.L., Wassena, F., Omore, A.O. and Bwana, G. 2015. Dairy development in Tanzania with local innovation platforms: When and how can they be useful? ILRI Research Brief 54. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.

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