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Nutritional value of feed ingredients for pigs in Uganda

In Uganda, smallholder pig farmers report that feeding management is an important production constraint. Feed scarcity, high cost, seasonal variations in feed quality and availability, food competition between people and pigs and lack of knowledge to formulate low-cost nutritionally balanced rations for pigs are key challenges.

Low- to no-cost planted forages and opportunistic forages (weeds) and fruits, crop residues and agricultural co-products are available seasonally. These materials could be used in the formulation of balanced rations to meet pigs’ nutrient requirements and improve pig growth performance while minimizing feed costs.

This brief highlights findings from observational and experimental studies on pig diets in East Africa. It will help researchers design trials to develop diets for local pigs. It provides information for extension workers on local feeds that are high in energy, fat and protein.

Download the brief:  Carter, N., Dewey, C., Lukuyu, B., Grace, D. and Lange, C.F.M. de. 2015. Nutritional value of feed ingredients for pigs in Uganda. ILRI Research Brief 55. Nairobi, Kenya: ILRI.

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