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Forage seed systems in Kenya – status update

A new working paper from CIAT report focuses on the current state of forage seed systems in Kenya under both formal and informal sectors and seeks to provide useful information for farmers and development actors looking or likely to engage in tropical forage seeds, especially in Kenya.

After presenting lists of different forage seed suppliers in the country, the authors conclude: “Although it was difficult to quantify the seed volumes from the information sources used to compile this report, it was clear that both formal and informal seed systems are important in Kenya. Demand for forage seed is likely to increase and be met by either of the systems, largely due to increasing demand for livestock products that in
turn has to be supported by robust forage and fodder availability.”

“With development of the fodder markets, farmers may be able to produce milk by relying on fodder and forage
bought off farm. This stratification on farmers specializing in milk or meat production and others on forage
production is likely to be beneficial as each entity complements the other. However, farmers with relatively large
farms would be the most suited to produce forage and, as such, drive forage seed demand and especially the
formal one.”

Download the paper

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