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FEAST feed intervention tech sheets

The Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST) helps us to understand how local livestock are kept and fed. Standardized data visualizations give a good overview of where feed comes from, how it varies seasonally and what farmers view as the main problems and opportunities for feed improvement.

As part of this exercise, we produced a series of around 30 short Tech Sheets which provide a brief description of the main feed intervention options for developing world smallholder/pastoral systems. These help users to visualize possible options and understand how they fit varying local conditions.

See the list of sheets below or browse them on CGSpace


Title Download link
Amino acid supplementation
Calf feeding: rearing on milk replacers
Cassava foliage
Chopping of feeds
Chopping of green fodder and forages
Commercial mineral licks
Complete feeds for pigs
Complete feeds for ruminants
Creep feeding – calves, lambs, kids, piglets
Crop – forage intercropping
Dry by-products: Cereals
Fodder trees and shrubs
Grasses for managed grazing systems
Hay making
Improved feed troughs to reduce wastage
Irrigated fodder production
Legume leaf and seed meals
Pulverization of crop residues
Short duration and annual fodder crops
Silage making
Soaking in water
Supplementation with green fodder
Sweet potato vines
Thinnings, tops and leaf strips
Urea molasses mineral block licks
Urea treatment
Wet by-products: Enset / banana leaves and stems
Wet by-products: horticultural and brewers waste

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