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Well-managed tropical forage-based systems improve livelihoods and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions

New research from CIAT – the International Center for Tropical Agriculture shows that well-managed “LivestockPlus” systems involving improved forage crops – plants grazed by livestock – have impressive environmental credentials. Published in chapter 11 of CIAT’s new flagship publication ‘Eco-Efficiency: From Vision to Reality‘ – the authors conclude that “well-managed tropical forage-based systems can contribute … Continue reading

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Forages and farmers – Case studies from South-East Asia

Last week in Laos, Werner Stur circulated copies of a new book by ACIAR and CIAT with stories of innovative farmers, both men and women, who transformed marginal farming into productive, profitable and market-oriented enterprises. The 11 case studies presented were collected from upland areas of Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. They document … Continue reading